Welcome to KCC on Zello, Frequent Asked Questions. (FAQ)

Zello disconnects by itself!

This seems to be a problem related to your phones battery optimization settings. Your phone restrict programs running in the back-ground to save battery use. Zello is already optimized and do not need this feature. So, if your Zello disconnects unexpectedly and frequently, go look at your battery optimization settings, if you are using Android. Goto your phone settings, battery, three dots for options , battery optimization. You will see 3 headings. Not Optimised/APPS/All Others. Not optimised will be the default view. If Zello shows there and it has a correct mark next to it, it is not optimized and your settings is correct. If you have the disconnect problem and the settings is correct, look elsewhere for the answer to your problem. If Zello is not shown on this view, click on the APPS selection. Look for Zello and select it. It will now show under your Not optimised view and should resolve your problem.
Screen shot

Another thing to look at is your Zello Behavior settings.

Goto: Three dots - Options - Behavior. At the bottom you will see "Wake up the device to keep Zello connected" Make sure this is selected.

What can I do to minimise traffic on the channels, it drives me mad!

That is the reason we have two channels. Klerksdorp Concerned Citizens is known as the emergency channel and is on permanent radio silence. In other words, it may only be used for emergencies. When the emergency is acknowledged, we go on radio silence again and carry on with the discussion on the admin channel. So, the best strategy, if you do not want to be disturbed by lookouts etcetera, keep your Admin channel disconnected and the emergency channel connected. This way you can go activate your Admin channel only when you are interested in the activity announced on the emergency channel. This should alleviate the problem. This rule is enforced strictly, because excessive, unwanted traffic, drive people away from KCC Zello. Also refer to 'How do I disable/enable channels selectively?'

How do I disable/enable channels selectively?

When you go to the channels TAB, you will see a list of your channels, with an icon to the far right. The Icon is Blue or greyed out. Blue means the channel is connected and greyed out means it is disconnected. It acts like a toggle switch, every touch enable or disable the channel. You can therefore pick which channels may disturb you and which not.

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How do I prevent auto activation of my microphone?

Prevent Pocket Dial.

Auto activation happens when you carry your phone in your pocket. A message comes through and zello activates to the foreground and switch the screen on. You are not aware of this and anything now touching your screen, activates the microphone, resulting in all the sounds around you being transmitted to everyone that is on-line. This could be embarrassing. To prevent this behaviour, go to options by touching the three dots top right of screen. Now touch Options.Look for Behaviour. 5th from top. Touch that and a screen with options opens up. Make sure 'Show on incoming message' is NOT selected.
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How do I know if I am connected to the correct channels?

As explained elsewhere, we have 2 channels, Klerksdorp Concerned Citizens and KCC Admin. Unfortunately there is copy cat channels on Zello and you must pay careful attention, that you are on the correct channels. Our channels require passwords and is the first indication, that you are on the wrong channel, if it does not ask for the password, or the password does not work. The second thing to pay attention to, is how many users is online. Our channels is the biggest with always more than 300 users online. Therefore, if you see very little users is online, then you know you are not connected to the correct channels. See the images below, of how it should look like.
Emergency Channel Admin Channel

How do I change my address with KCC Zello?

KCC Zello use the database address to send emergency services to you in the case of you not being able to give the address where the emergency is. Therefore, it is important that you keep your address details up to date with us. You just send us an email with your user name (spelled correctly) and new address. KCC will then confirm that your address have been updated. If you do not get a confirmation, follow up with another mail, till you get confirmation. Please do not send a new registration form if you just want to update your address details.

What is the costs involved?

The short answer is, it is free. KCC does not charge anything. Zello does not charge anything. The moderators work for free and the community assist for free, out of their own free will, time and money. That is why we say, the least you can do, is to stay on-line 24/7 and bring your side to the table. Listen to messages and assist where you can. If you do not hear a message, you can not assist. Even in small things like switching your outside lights on or let your dog check your yard. It might be a small thing, but assist the people spending their time and money, looking for the criminals when we do an operation. There is a hidden cost, called DATA. You have to have data available to use. It however is minimal, more or less 80mb per month. You probably use more than that, watching YouTube videos! The best strategy is to have a WiFi link at home and use a mobile data package for when you leave home.

How far does Zello reach?

Zello reach anywhere in the world where there is internet available, whether it is via cellphone towers or WiFi links. People on vacation in Europe, listen to what is happening here in Klerksdorp! Zello is very popular among people and their families, where the breadwinner is working outside of the country, as their preferred means of communication.

What hardware or device do I need?

The most common device people use is an Android smart phone. Other smart phones do also work. Laptops, tablets, PC, really any smart device with an internet connection, speakers and a microphone.

Where can I read more about Zello?


What is the purpose of KCC on Zello?

KCC aim to be the ears and eyes of the SAPS, Security companies and the Neighbourhood watches. We observe and report. The goal is to bring crime down in our suburbs and town, by making it very difficult for the criminals to operate without being seen and reported. We have an estimate of 20 000 smart devices available to us, if everyone would join. That means 20 000 pairs of ears and eyes. If we could get all those people to be available to KCC, it would be impossible for criminals to operate safely and they would go to other places that is more safe. The reality is however that only about 1.7% (350 people)of our community take it seriously and stay on-line 24/7. We have 3000+ people registered on the database, but most do not stay on-line and only registered for the spin-off benefit of being able to get help quickly. Help like calling police, fire-brigade, ambulances when needed. Please do not be selfish and misuse the facility. Stay on-line 24/7 and do your part.

Do I still need to join Neighbourhood watch and pay for alarm services with a security company?

KCC is not replacing any of those organisations, it is merely an extra layer of security and way to discourage criminals. We hear from time to time that people reason that they do not need security companies or a Neighbourhood watch, because they belong to KCC. KCC's official response to that person is to block such person, as that is totally counter productive and bring KCC's name in disrepute with those organisations. Without them, KCC has no means of reaction and we can report till we are blue in the face, no-one will react.

How do I join KCC on Zello?

Go read the instructions under the Zello menu of this website. It is very easy. This is a short summary. Be sure to read the full version.

1. Download Zello from your App store and install.
2. Create an account for yourself with Zello. Important here is to use the correct email address that you want us to communicate with you. If you allow your phone to auto-fill in this address, you are very likely to experience problems later. But if that is your regular email address, it is fine. Secondly, pick a user name for yourself. Keep in mind that there is millions of users on Zello worldwide and that your user name must be unique. Piet, Gert or Susan will most likely be taken already. During this process you must also pick your own, personal password. This password is your own private password that protect your Zello account and has nothing to do with KCC. Think of it as your ATM Pin that you never give to anybody. When done, make a note of these 3 things. The email address you used, the username you picked and your own personal password. If you have these 3 things, you will never experience any problems, even if your phone get stolen. More about that later.
3. As explained under instructions, go fill out the registration form for KCC and wait for the return email. Before you fill in the form, make sure you have verified your email address and phone number with Zello.
4. Once you received the return email from KCC with instructions, join the channels and then wait to be made trusted.
You will be notified when you are trusted by return email. If you go off-line, we can not see you on the list of people who is waiting to be made trusted.

That is all! 4 Easy steps. Now you are a trusted member of the community and hopefully you keep your Zello on and running in the background to receive messages and then look out for what is said.

I received my email, but every-time I check, I am still not trusted!.

4. Once you received the return email with instructions, join the channels and then wait to be made trusted.
You will be notified when you are trusted by return email. You have to stay on-line. If you go off-line, we can not see you on the list of people who is waiting to be made trusted.

I have a new phone! / My phone is stolen!

No problem. Install Zello again on your new device. This time you do not create a new account, but say use existing account. You will be asked for your username and password. That is it! All your contacts, channels and trusted status will be there, as if nothing changed.
As soon as you sign in on a new device, the old device is signed out. The person with that device can do nothing without your username and password, so you do not have to worry about that. He is left with a blank Zello.

I forgot my email address.

Go to a web browser. Go to www.zello.com Sign in with your username and password. You will be shown what your registered email address is. You can also change it from here.

I lost my personal username and or password.

Go to a web browser. Go to www.zello.com Click on Sign in. Click 'forgot password'. You will be asked for the email adress that you registered the username with, when you opened THAT account. Zello will send you an email with a link to set a new password, to your registered email address. If that email does not exist any more or you do not have access to it, you will have to create a new account and go through all the steps again. All your contacts will be gone and you will have to re-join the channels and be made trusted again. You will have to fill out a new form again with your new username to be made trusted. As we said in the beginning, do not lose your username and password!

What do I do when KCC send me a mail, telling me that my email address or user-name is invalid?

Go to a web browser. Go to www.zello.com Sign in with your user-name and password. You will be shown what your registered email address is. Fill out a form again, using that email address and user-name. Or you can change your email address there and do the form again.

What do I do when Zello do not link my email address with my username?

Go to a web browser. Go to www.zello.com Sign in with your user-name and password. You will be shown what your registered email address is. Below your email, you might see a message: Your email address is not yet verified. Click here to resend verification email. Click the link and wait for them to send you a mail. Follow the instructions on their email. After you have done that successfully, fill in the form again.

Basic Account Settings

I filled out the form, but never get a return email from KCC

Most likely, you made a spelling mistake on your form. KCC send the return email to that address, so if the address does not exist, there is no way for KCC to reach you. Also make sure that you monitor that email address. If you get no response, fill out a form again and make sure of the email address and it's spelling. Watch out for auto-correct that might change it.

I joined the channel and got blocked without explanation.

This is a very common occurrence. People do not read the instructions and get the password from a friend. They then join the channel and because they did not fill out the registration form, they are not registered on the database. KCC have no info on you, can not contact you and the only remedy is to block the person. You then have to fill out the form and send KCC an email to un-block you when your form is received. Only when you get the return mail, giving you the password, it is safe to join the channel without being blocked.

How do I test if my Zello is working?

The default Zello installation contain an Echo contact, under contacts. You broadcast a message to this contact. Your message is then send to the Zello server and then back to you. You then hear your message as other users would have received it. You can now do alterations to your settings as you prefer. Never do a test message to the emergency channel. If you feel you have to, you can ask on the Admin channel that someone must confirm that you are being heard.

What is this Admin channel I keep hearing about? Which channel is the emergency channel.

It is very well documented in the instructions under the Zello menu of this site. Also in the rules. Please go read them again.

Do I have to fill out a form again to join the KCC Admin channel?

No, the form is a once off process to place you on the database. Once you are on the database, you do not have to do it again, unless your user-name changes. The password for both the channels is the same.

Op jou foon in Zello: Search onder die drie koppe tab. (Jy moet op die Channels Tab wees) Klik dan regs bo by die drie koppe met + teken (Op jou foon in die Zello App). Dan find channel. Tik daar in KCC Admin. Kyk vir die een met 300-400+ lede aanlyn. KCC admin is waar ons oor admin en allerhande goed praat en respekteer nie radio stilte nie. Klik op hom (KCC Admin) en join. Jy sal gevra word vir n password. Dit is dieselfde as die een wat jy op jy epos gekry het. Jy word dan meegedeel dat jy trusted gemaak moet word. Sodra ons jou sien op die channel, en ons het jou vorm, dan maak ons jou trusted en dan is alles gedoen en kan jy praat en luister op die kanaal.

How do I know if my Zello is running in the background?

Your Zello is always running. You can close it and it will run in the background. The only way to disable it completely, is to sign out. If you did not sign out or did not disable channels, you will hear the messages and they will be recorded.

How do I listen to recorded messages?

Click on your recent TAB and click on the watch icon to the right of the item you are interested in.

I often hear people talk about a picture they placed. Where do I see this?

Click on your recent TAB and click on the watch icon to the right of the item you are interested in. The picture will be part of the history on that item.

How do I send a picture on KCC Zello and who sees it??

Click on the channels TAB. Click on the channel you want to send the picture on. The channel with it's big microphone opens up. Look for the camera icon top left of the microphone circle. Click on it. Your camera opens. Aim and take the shot. The picture is send instantly to everyone on-line on the channel. You cannot take it back! It is done. Be careful! The new version software has a correct mark that you must click to send the picture. Get the new version, it is safer.

My parents live in the KOSH area. May I join and monitor?

Yes, you may. Just send us an email, explaining the situation. We also encourage you to help your parents to join and monitor KCC on Zello. They have valuable eyes and ears to the community and can also make a contribution, just train them!

My Zello is running, but I do not get messages from KCC?

See the question about disable/enabling channels. Lots of times you disable a channel and forget to enable it again. Or you have disabled it inadvertently.

Nothing is recorded under History.

History is previous messages that is recorded while on-line. It is accessible under the History TAB as explained elsewhere. Messages is only recorded when you are on-line and only on the channels that is connected. If you disconnect a certain channel, that channel will not be recorded. If you go off-line, nothing will be recorded and the history will not be available.


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