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Security companies form the backbone of the communities fight against crime. They monitor both the Neighborhood watch radios and KCC Zello channels. We as public can not approach anyone and is only an observation network. Security companies therefore respond in a reaction role, when SAPS can not get to the incident in time.
The two most prominent security firms in Klerksdorp is CSS and Action Force. They go out of their way to assist and deserve the communities support. It is imperative that the community should make use of their services, as their first priority is their own clients and then the public at large. The monthly payments from those that can afford it, is therefore subsidising those that are not as fortunate. We have many deserving elderly people, single mothers etc. in Klerksdorp and their only hope is that security companies can stay in business and give the support they do.
The community must therefore realise that they can not argue like some do in saying that they do not need a security company, as they have Zello. Zello means NOTHING without the security companies and Neighbourhood Watch.


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