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We urge all KCC Zello users to install the Telegram app from their app store. Telegram is like WhatsApp, but better. We created a Telegram broadcast channel that can accommodate an infinite number of people. A broadcast channel is used so that members can not send messages on the channel. Only moderators can. That means you will still use Zello to send your messages, but you will not be inundated by messages from all members on the channel.

Why another messaging channel?

KCC has more than 2500 members that is trusted. However, only about 400-500 of them is online at any given moment. That means people is not getting urgent messages where we ask for a look out. The strength of KCC is in the thousands of potential eyes and ears that can combat crime. But if they are not aware of what is happening, the numbers is just vanity. People switch off their Zello for various reasons and then forget to switch on again. Thus, only 400+ members on-line.

We are therefore trying to get all the Zello members to join the Telegram broadcast channel. That way they can still get important messages and act as requested, even though they had to disconnect Zello for whatever reason.

A typical message that we want to do, is something like this:

Housebreak just occurred at 15 Irene st, Irene Park. We are looking for one black man dressed in black pants and Blue shirt, red hat. 1.7 meters tall, thin build. People in that area to please switch on their outside lights, let dogs out, check your property for anyone hiding so the criminal can stay on the move and be seen by the responders on the scene. Please notify your neighbours as well. Do not approach and call in on Zello KCC Admin if you notice anything.

People staying in the blocks surrounding that address can then act as requested and the rest can ignore.

Once you installed Telegram, you just click on the following link and you will be added to the members list on Telegram broadcast channel.


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